How are your donations used?

Rachel Bélisle, 101 years old

Realization of an elder's dream

How are your donations used?

Sherbrooke residents are the main focus of our concerns and actions. All projects submitted to the Vitae Foundation, however large or small, are evaluated based on their potential to improve the care and services offered to the public. Since 1996, over $8M and counting has been invested thanks to your donations.

Equipment purchase

To provide quality care and services to those living in residential centres, the Vitae Foundation funds purchases for various types of equipment.

Emergency fund

The emergency fund is a last-resort resource that workers can turn to when they have explored all other options. They are well informed about all the existing resources and programs, but sometimes situations fall through the cracks and leave people helpless.


The Vitae Foundation will also continue providing financial support to the researchers at the Research Centre on Aging and the Institut universitaire de première ligne en santé et services sociaux.

Elder wish

Eating in the restaurant with family, going to a concert or a granddaughter’s wedding…
Although simple moments of happiness, they may require management when continuous, extensive health care is needed.

Upcoming projects

Improving the quality of life, environment, services, and care provided to residents in the Argyll, D’Youville, St-Joseph, and St-Vincent residential centres. Over the past months, the needs of residential centres have been brought to light.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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