Elder Wish

Inspired by the famous Children's Wish program, the Vitae Foundation's elder Wish is for all residents of the CSSS-IUGS's four residences and hospitals, especially those who lack the means to realize their wish. When a request is made, a committee studies its feasibility. If it can be realized with the available resources and budgets, and the resident's health permits it, the Foundation organizes all the logistics, supervises the process, and assumes the costs associated with it. 

Since the Elder’s Wishes program was launched, more than 80 seniors have fulfilled their dreams thanks to support of the Foundation, relatives, residents and CSSS-IUGS employees. 

What is a dream?

« A dream is a project that is born in our hearts and which grows in our minds. Dreams inspire the strongest feelings. They are a source of hope in hard times. Dreams are also at the heart of happiness. A dream is like a friend: it is needed throughout life. » Beverley Lu 

Make a request

Any resident at the four residential centres of the CSSS-IUGS  may submit a request to have his or her dream fulfilled. The request form is available at the offices of Vitae Foundation (Argyll, room 1402) and can be submitted by a resident, a relative or by CSSS-IUGS personnel.


User impression Elder wish

When chosen to have her wish come true, Rachel Bélisle asked to visit her cousin and true friend, Alma, who lives in Quebec City. Years had gone by since they had last seen each other. The Vitae Foundation planned the trip with style. Both centenarians were treated like royalty.

On the day of the meeting, Rachel Bélisle was surprised to find a beautiful bouquet in her bedroom at Argyll. She was informed that a paratransit bus, an attendant and a relative were waiting for her downstairs. Once they met in Quebec City, both cousins, who were thrilled to see each other, went to l'Astral, the rotating restaurant at the top of Hôtel Loews Le Concorde. They were treated with the highest consideration. "It was absolutely extraordinary. We celebrated with champagne!”

Both cousins grew up in Lambton. "It was along a magnificent lake," Rachel Bélisle reminisced. "My cousins and I would occasionally go shopping in Quebec City," she added.

But on that sunny Sunday of October 2010, shopping was not on the centenarians' agenda.

"We talked about the best of times in the rotating restaurant in which we were able to appreciate Quebec City in its entirety. It was a fun day for everyone. It was a great day. If I ever have the opportunity to go back to Quebec City, we will return to that fabulous restaurant," said the 101-year-old lady.  And 103-year-old Cousin Alma is also apparently willing to do the same.

Source: La Tribune, November 20, 2010