User impressions

Adapted Gardens

Strolls in the parking lot are now over for Mrs. Daigle and the other 217 residents of the St-Vincent-de-Paul complex. They now have the liberty of walking in a garden specifically designed for them.

The Oasis Desjardins park is the 4th garden built by the HSSC-UIGS for its residents, thus completing this type of space for its Sherbrooke residential centres. L’Oasis Desjardins is a safe and friendly setting that will provide a place for residents to meet and greet their family and friends. “St–Vincent is my home and I am very happy that we now have a garden to stroll in, just like the other residential centres. It is a quiet place where I come to meet people. It has been adapted in order for us to wheel out our chairs freely,” claims Mrs. Daigle.

There are many benefits related to this garden. For Stéphane Thibault, care attendant, L’Oasis Desjardins will allow residents of the St-Vincent residential centre to feel more at home: “ We do not realize how lucky we are, simply opening the door of our house to go to the park, the woods or to go into our own personal garden. I can say that freedom is what people with a loss of autonomy miss most. I believe this garden will give back this sense of freedom to some of the residents,” he explains.

Elder wish

When chosen to have her wish come true, Rachel Bélisle asked to visit her cousin and true friend, Alma, who lives in Quebec City. Years had gone by since they had last seen each other. The Vitae Foundation planned the trip with style. Both centenarians were treated like royalty.

On the day of the meeting, Rachel Bélisle was surprised to find a beautiful bouquet in her bedroom at Argyll. She was informed that a paratransit bus, an attendant and a relative were waiting for her downstairs. Once they met in Quebec City, both cousins, who were thrilled to see each other, went to l'Astral, the rotating restaurant at the top of Hôtel Loews Le Concorde. They were treated with the highest consideration. "It was absolutely extraordinary. We celebrated with champagne!”

Both cousins grew up in Lambton. "It was along a magnificent lake," Rachel Bélisle reminisced. "My cousins and I would occasionally go shopping in Quebec City," she added.

But on that sunny Sunday of October 2010, shopping was not on the centenarians' agenda.

"We talked about the best of times in the rotating restaurant in which we were able to appreciate Quebec City in its entirety. It was a fun day for everyone. It was a great day. If I ever have the opportunity to go back to Quebec City, we will return to that fabulous restaurant," said the 101-year-old lady.  And 103-year-old Cousin Alma is also apparently willing to do the same.

Source: La Tribune, November 20, 2010