I want to make a donation

In order to pursue its mission and commitments, the Vitae Foundation constantly needs financing. A donation can have a genuine effect on the life of users. Many means are available to help you make a personal contribution. The Vitae Foundation will automatically emit a receipt for income tax purposes for any donation of $20 or more.

Ways to donate

  • On-line Donations

Making a donation on-line is both fast and secure.

CanadaHelps is a registered charity that brings donors and charitable organizations together online. Through CanadaHelps.org, anyone can donate online to any registered Canadian charity. 


  • By phone

Simply dial 819 829-7138 

  • By mail 

Please write a cheque made out to the Vitæ Foundation and mail it to the attention of Ms. Brigitte Lambert at:

Vitæ Foundation
375 Argyll Street
Sherbrooke, QC
J1J 3H5


  • In Memoriam donations

In Memoriam donations honour the memory of a parent, friend or co-worker. 

  • In Honour Donations

In honour donations highlight a special moment or event in the life of a person such as: a birth, a promotion, a wedding or a celebration of life over disease. These are just some examples of events to be remembered in honour of someone. In honour donations are an excellent way to show appreciation for another person while supporting an important cause. The Vitae Foundation will send a greeting card to the person honoured and mention the donation made in his or her honour . For any donation of $20 or more, an official receipt for income tax purposes will automatically be delivered to the donor or to the person honoured in accordance with the instructions of the donor.

  • Planned Gifts

Bequests are the best-known way to make a planned gift to organizations of your choice. There are many other ways to make a planned gift and to benefit from the tax advantages associated with this type of donation. There are many means by which you can make a planned gift to the Foundation :

  • Will
  • Life-insurance
  • Charitable annuities
  • Gift of securities
  • Endowment funds

Bequests and other planned gifts are first and foremost acts of generosity. They allow a person to continue to support the Vitae Foundation and its mission, even after death.

  • Major Donations 

Major donation is a donation of $1,000 or more to the Vitae Foundation offered by a person or a corporation.

  • Sponsorship of an Event

The sponsorship of an event is a financial contribution made by an enterprise in exchange for visibility in a fundraising activity.

  • In-kind Contribution

An in-kind contribution is the donation of an object such as a piece of furniture, a wheelchair, a television set, books, a chalkboard, and so on to the Vitae Foundation. An official receipt for income tax purposes corresponding to the fair market value of the object at the time the donation is received can be made at the request of the donor.