1996 – The University Institute of Geriatrics of Sherbrooke (UIGS) is created

In the wake of the grouping of the Sherbrooke Hospital and D’Youville Hospital, it was decided to expand the mission of the Sherbrooke Hospital Foundation beyond the hospital. The UIGS Foundation was created for this purpose.

2004 – A single, common objective: to help improve the quality of life of persons in loss of autonomy

The merging of CHSLD Estriade and the University Institute of Geriatrics of Sherbrooke leads to the integration of the Fondation de l’Estriade with the UIGS Foundation. The UIGS Foundation serves a clientele of 780 users in four residential centres - Argyll, D’Youville, St-Joseph and St-Vincent.

2007 - Creation of the HSSC-UIGS Foundation

Following the creation of the HSSC-UIGS in 2005 (as a result of the grouping of the CLSC de Sherbrooke with the University Institute of Geriatrics of Sherbrooke), the Fondation du CLSC is integrated to the UIGS Foundation in 2007. The focus of the HSSC-UIGS Foundation is henceforth the health and well-being of all persons who use the services of the institution at every stage of life.   



2008 -  A new name and a new logo 

In 2008, the Foundation of the CSSS-IUGS gives itself a new image and logo which better symbolize its new role. It pursues its mission under the name of Vitae Foundation.

Meaning of the name and logo

The mission of the Foundation led to the selection of the term Vitae, Latin for “of life”. This term in turn inspired the choice of the colour blue in the logo. Blue evokes life and health. Finally, the line uniting the people in the logo represents the protective arms of a caregiver.


The expression “Caring for life” respresents the users who are at the very heart of the preoccupations of the Foundation. The vital essence of life is often the very minimum required to sustain it. The statement of the Foundation is thus in line with the message of the HSSC-UIGS; Health - A Shared Passion.