Offering a Select Environment

The Vitæ Foundation is involved in a variety of activities and projects to provide these residents with the warmest, most agreeable, and most comfortable environment possible.

Living environment layout

The layout of the outdoor gardens has made it possible for mobility-impaired residents to get some fresh air in pleasant surroundings with lots of flowers. 

The addition of a decorative fireplace helps to create a warmer, homely environment at the four residential centres. 

Detail makes a huge difference:  The addition of pictures or, more recently, of decorative fireplaces, makes the location more attractive and welcoming. "The environment has become much more welcoming," noted Danika Manseau, the coordinator of residential services for the four CIUSSS de l’Estrie–CHUS facilities in Sherbrooke (Saint-Joseph, Saint-Vincent, Argyll, and D'Youville). "During the evening, residents gather around the television or fireplace, just like they would do at home."

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Elder Wish 

The Vitæ Foundation also supports the Elder Wish project. Whether the wish involves visiting a relative or practicing a cherished activity once again, the Elder Wish project brings great joy to residents. "You can see a spark in their eyes. They share their stories with other residents, which enlivens spirits in the care unit," mentioned Danika Manseau.

Humanization of health care and services

The Vitæ Foundation has helped Argyll Hospital and Residential Centre acquire an X-ray machine, which allows residents to remain on site instead of having to go to the hospital, thereby avoiding the ensuing stress. As related by Ms. Manseau "It is also a type of personalized care. As everything is done on site, the residents get to know the attendants who accompany them to the radiology department. It reassures them."

The Vitæ Foundation has also funded the Vocera silent call button system, which has helped make the site calmer and more soothing. "The bell sound would often wake up residents, especially at night," said Ms. Manseau.

End-of-life carts

Another reality at a CHSLD:  Each year, many friends and relatives accompany their loved one in his or her final moments. The Vitæ Foundation has contributed to a special project - end-of-life carts to provide coffee, beverages, and snacks to friends and families so that they can remain in the room with their loved one. 

A French version of this document was published in La Tribune during the annual fundraising campaign.

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