Accomplishments for everyone

Thanks to the generous contributions of its donors, the Vitae Foundation is able to finance many projects such as purchasing equipment, improving quality of life, supporting research efforts or fulfilling the dreams of residents. Contributions by the Vitae Foundation have made it possible to construct balconies at D’Youville Hospital and Residential Centre, to renovate the air conditioning and ventilation system, to purchase electric beds, to develop safe and adapted gardens at three of the four residential centres, to install elevator controls that function with infrared signals to ensure the safety of residents in the residential centres, to purchase a paratransit bus for adapted transporation, to fulfill the dreams of many residents (Elder Wish), and much more.

The Foundation is also helping the less fortunate in our society. Indeed, in recent years a fund of last resort has been created to meet basic needs impossible to meet despite the many existing resources:

  • food aid
  • Financing of dental treatment
  • Eyeglasses for children
  • Purchase mattresses, etc..

Poverty is not always visible, but the Vitae Foundation can attest, the needs are great. The Foundation relies on your help to continue to meet the needs of your neighbors, your friends and loved ones.

Also,the Vitae Foundation is proud to be associated with the Alliance for Youth Sherbrooke health and contribute to promoting healthy lifestyles among children and youth.

Thanks to your donations

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